Sunday, March 1, 2015

Night Run

WE HAD A snow/rain storm for most of the day yesterday, so I tried waiting it out, hoping for a break in the precipitation to sneak in a run. It was nearly 8 pm by the time that happened, but once I got out on the roads it was great: 34 degrees, wet, not raining but the clouds were thick and low doing that thing where they reflect the lights from the city so everything has this glossy glow like something out of a David Fincher movie.

A great shot from Fincher's masterpiece, "Zodiac."

I really wanted to do intervals, but the BYU indoor track was closed so I hopped the fence at the High School and ran on their oval. It was my first time running on a track at night. There were no direct lights, but it's right in the middle of town and there was enough ambient light from street lamps and storefronts and cars to allow me to make out the lane lines.

The workout was repeat quarter miles; it started out great, my legs felt strong and buoyant, so I went out a little hard too early. But then the fact that I haven't done any speed work in two months caught up with me and I was only able to do six of the ten reps. (This always happens after a break; I'm zealous to run hard, so I go out a little hot and end up burning out before the workout is over. I guess I still need to learn that lesson.)

But I jogged home and felt good about finally getting some solid miles in. I'll have to do this workout again next week, but go out a little more conservatively on the first few and wait to really ratchet down the speed until the end.