Sunday, August 21, 2011

Summer swimmin'

Weather in Utah in the summer is perfect.  For about that last two months, it's been 90 degrees and sunny almost every day.  Hot, but perfect for swimming.  And because I have to spend some time in the water as part of my physical therapy for my back, I decided to do some exploring and find some good places to swim outdoors.  Let me show you my two favorite places.

First is the Spanish Oaks Reservoir:

This is a man-made lake in the hills above Spanish Fork.  The scenery is amazing, because you are basically surrounded by mountains.  They've even filled one side of it with sand, so it feels like you're at the beach!  The water is cold, but on a hot day it feels so refreshing to jump in and cool off.

The other place I like to go is Utah Lake.  The water is a lot warmer, barely cool, but it is closer to my apartment so it's easier to get there.  I took a video to show you all what it's like:


The only other people out there are old hispanic men fishing, so I get some funny looks with my jammers, Nike Triax watch, and goggles.  But I've always liked to do my own thing, so it's all good.

I've been doing this for a while, so I have a ritual down.  First, I jump in and do my workout.  Second, I sit on the rocks and soak up the sun while I drink my Arctic Shatter Powerade (that's the best flavor).  It's so peaceful out there, all of the sounds seem distant and muted and the light from the setting sun is soft and warm.  That setting combined with the intense relaxation that follows a long workout makes the whole experience intensely meditative, tranquil.  I feel like I get my best thinking done out there.  School starts in a week, and I'm excited for that, but I am going to miss these moments of clarity.  

That's what summer's about though, slowing down, taking a step back from things, and just enjoying life.  Things haven't worked out exactly the way I had planned this summer (they never do, right?), but life has been good, and I am going to miss these experiences.

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