Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Running Shoe Giveaway!

Hey everybody.  One of my favorite bloggers, Hungry Runner Girl, is having a shoe giveaway on her blog.  It's for the Altra Intution (for women) and Altra Instinct (for men) running shoes.  I had never heard of the company so I did some research and it sounds like they have some smart ideas.  The first thing that stood out is that they make different shoes for men and women; apparently men and women have different feet shapes (makes sense) so they built unique designs for each.

The other main feature is that the shoes have zero heel-drop, which means that the sole is the same thickness front to back.  For decades they've been making shoes with thicker heels, which causes you to land on the heel instead of the forefoot.  But most experts now think this isn't the right way to run, so shoes have been changing back to a simpler design to make running more natural.

Simple is exactly what these shoes look like, down to the design.  So many new shoes have crazy patterns which I think is really off-putting, so it's refreshing to see something with just one color.  I've seen Hungry Runner Girl do give-aways before, so I know this is for real.  If you want to enter, just follow this link:


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