Monday, November 7, 2011

The Once and Future Sarsgaard

A few months ago I read an article about a film adaptation of "Born to Run."  It was exciting news, because I had just finished reading the book and thought more than once, "wow, this would make a GREAT movie!"  The lowdown was actor Peter Sarsgaard was a huge fan of the book and was planning on directing a small-budget film of Christopher McDougall's running odyssey.

But then I didn't hear anything else about it.  I read way too much about movies AND running, so news about a running movie wasn't likely to slip by me.  Movie's die in pre-production all of the time, so I tacitly assumed that this one met a similar fate.  Until today.

McDougall wrote an article in The New York Times called "The Once and Future Way to Run" that summarizes the main ideas from his book, and then he told how he found an early 20th century pamphlet that describes a workout meant to teach the perfect running form (how he finds these things I'll never know).  The exercise is diabolically simple, but it has some early endorsements from some serious bio-mechanics experts.

I read the article on the New York Times website, and it had a link attached with a short video of McDougall jogging through the streets of Manhattan and teaching this exercise to several writers at the paper.  And in the video he is running with none other than "actor, director, and super-fast trail runner" Peter Sarsgaard!  The funny thing is that Sarsgaard doesn't really do anything in the video, he is just hanging out with McDougall.  I realized that if this journalist and movie star are just bro-ing out in the Big Apple, this movie has to be still in the works.

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