Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Block 3 Week 2

Here were my workouts for the last week:

Monday: Swim: 400 yd warm up, 100 free 100 back 100 breast x2.  Bike: 34 minute off road-very challenging trail.

Tuesday: Physical Therapy: 20 minutes yoga.  Swim: practiced bilateral breathing (much faster, but can't sustain for very long.)  Run: 20 minutes fast (too fast.)

Wednesday: Swim: 400 yard warm-up, 200 yd fast with full recovery x2.  Bike: 30 minute Zone 3.  Very tired today.

Thursday: Physical Therapy: 30 minutes yoga.

Friday: 100 yd at 2:00 x8 with 1:00 breaks, practicing bilateral breathing.

Saturday: Bike: 20 minute off-road hills (actually 'hill', very steep straight up.  Had to cut out early.) Run: 10 minutes light

Sunday: Rest.

I was exhausted by Wednesday and had to scale things back to one-a-day on Thursday and Friday.  But by Saturday I was feeling great and had a solid workout to finish the week.  Four swims, three bikes, two runs, and a partridge in a pear tree.

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