Friday, June 8, 2012

The Big Race: T-minus 2 days

When I woke up my lungs felt better so I decided to try a light workout on the race course.  My dad and I drove out to Ken's Lake and I did a bike/run.  The first mile of the bike course is one giant hill climbing up into the mountain, and once you get through that the course turns into this thick red sand that your bike just sinks into.  I realized that the bike course is going to be much longer than I expected...

The view coming out of the mountains was great, here is a pic I snapped:

That blue off in the distance is Ken's Lake (you can see how high the course climbs!)

I went for a short run afterwards, and that felt great.  My shoes are very minimalist, so I was worried that they might not have thick enough soles to handle the terrain.  But the trails felt fine, and more importantly my form felt good...smooth, strong, light.

Each leg of this race is going to feel totally different.  The swim leg will be the warm-up, because it is so short that I wont really be able to get worn out yet.  The bike leg will be the workout because it is the longest section and it goes through the most demanding terrain.  And the run leg will be the reward because this will be my first time running competitively since 2004.

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