Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Praise of my physique from unorthodox strangers

I've had a couple of funny experiences lately out running.  It's been wicked hot so I run in short-shorts and no shirt, which feels good but gets a little attention.  A couple of weeks ago I was running through a neighborhood and this little Mexican boy said, "Sexy bodyyyyyy" and sort of danced back and forth as he said it.  It was so goofy I totally started laughing.

Story two was last Saturday I was out for a long run on the Provo River Trail, and I passed by a guy that can best be described as being like the old sea captain from The Simpsons only scarier:

As I went past him he exclaimed, "You're in GREAT shape, bro!"  There was nothing creepy in his tone of voice, it was as if he had never seen someone athletic and was genuinely astonished.  I told my friends about it at dinner later that night and they all thought it was pretty dang funny.

Now I'd be lying if I said I didn't want people to be impressed as they see me running by, but 10-year old latino's and old homeless guys isn't really the demo I'm going for.  Maybe the girls are impressed too and they are just being coy...

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