Friday, May 2, 2014

Not nervous

Tomorrow morning I'm running the Provo City 5K.

But I'm not nervous.

I always got nervous before races, so I've been surprised at my current state of tranquility. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited, because this is the first road race I've contested in almost 10 years. But I'm not worrying.

The reason is probably because even though I only signed up for this race two weeks ago, I've been preparing for it since I broke my kneecap in the summer of 2006. Since then I've rebounded from injury to illness trying to get back to where I was. And I've logged plenty of miles during that time, particularly in the last couple of years; in fact, this is exactly why I started this blog, to try to process what I was going through and maybe help a few others who were going through the same thing.

I've ran, for sure, but I haven't raced, because I just wasn't ready before now. Racing is testing yourself, laying it all on the line, being fit and strong and prepared to give an all-out effort. And each weight lifting session, every yoga pose, all of the ice baths and the hours spent trying to find the perfect form were leading me here, and onward.

That is why I'm not nervous.

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