Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New PR in the pool!

My last few swimming workouts felt clumsy, so I was a little worried that my swimming class wasn't helping my freestyle stroke much.  Today we ended the workout with 25 yard sprints, so I decided to combine my last two and time my current pace at the 50 free.  And the result was...

That was 8 Seconds faster than my previous best!  Still not blazing fast (especially compared to a real swimmer) but I'm definitely making progress.  If I knocked 8 seconds off of each lap of a 750 yard sprint triathlon swim leg, that puts me out of the water 2 Minutes sooner than before.

I still have a lot to learn in this class, but I'm excited by my progress and I think if I'm patient and work hard my freestyle could look really good by the end of April.

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