Sunday, March 25, 2012

Block 1 Week 2

Here was my training for the week:

Monday: 35 min swim (breathing drills.)

Tuesday: 45 min yoga, 1 min running.

Wednesday: 35 min swim (pulling drills.)

Thursday: 28 minute bike (hill workout.)  Very intense.  Too intense (lungs hurt the rest of the day.)

Friday: 45 min yoga.

Saturday: 20 min swim (practicing flip turns.)  60 min bike ride, easy Zone 1 ride with friends.

Sunday: Rest.

I was really tired at the beginning of the week, I think it was because I got too little rest over the previous weekend.  I also overdid it on the ride on Thursday- the hills were steeper than I thought and I stayed in too high a gear.  This is my first time doing serious hill work on the bike, so I am still figuring out what my limits are and how hard to go.

On the plus side my back is feeling great- my yoga on Friday had some of the deepest bends I've ever done which was really encouraging.

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