Thursday, October 31, 2013

Magazine Cover!

Here it is!  My friend Derrick was asked to shoot the cover of Run Utah magazine at the same time we had started working together on my blog, so this just sort of happened.  We went to some trails up in American Fork Canyon about a month ago right as the fall colors were starting to show up and got some great pics including this one.  The experience was really fun because I got to see the pictures on his camera as we took them so I could see the shoot develop.  When I posted this on Facebook I got some pretty great reactions-most people who know me know that I run, but I guess they weren't aware of my extracurricular activities.

Utah Running is an online magazine that highlights the local running community and is a pretty interesting read for anyone who is from the area.  This must be an advanced copy because the latest issue hasn't shown up on the site yet, but keep an eye out it and it should post any day now.

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