Saturday, November 9, 2013

A long run after a long week

I realized this week that working two jobs, going to school, and running, and yoga, and lifting, and swimming, and not getting enough sleep probably wasn't the best idea.  So I took three days off from my training to get caught up on some school work and let my body recover and even that short of a break made a huge difference.

So after sleeping in today and having a big breakfast I felt like I had some extra nervous energy to burn so I went for a genuine long run which I hadn't done in a while.  It was one of those golden autumn days when the sun is warm but the air is just barely crisp and a smooth nine miles in the rolling Provo foothills was exactly what I needed.

P.S.  A great thing about having a Garmin is the notifications it gives you at the end of the run; today was both the longest distance I've logged since I got the watch (9.1 miles) and the fastest 10k (51:37).

P.P.S.  My magazine cover is finally up on the Utah Running website.  Check it out!

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