Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to the pool

My old nemesis is back.  The warm, wet air, the smell of chlorine, way too many swimmers per lane: yes, it's the BYU pool.

It's actually not bad, the water temperature is perfect for doing serious workouts.  I've been swimming in lakes all summer, so it was quite a switch to go back to the pool.  The first difference I noticed is how much easier it is!  There are no big waves, no currents, no speedboats.  And you can tell exactly how far you are swimming.  Out in Utah Lake, I would just say to myself, "well, I guess I'll swim until I reach the end of this outcropping of rocks, and then I'll come back."  Fun, in a free-form, adventurous sort of way.  But not as scientific.  And I'm all about science.

Seriously, though, the open water work has really helped me.  Out in the drink I couldn't really focus on my form very well, because there were so many other things to worry about.  But in the calm waters of the pool I could really tell I had a stronger, smoother stride than I used to, and my kick has gotten more even.  Today's workout was a slow half-mile, averaging 77 seconds per lap- just a good basic zone 2 workout to get my sea-legs back after taking a week off from swimming.  That's another thing that seems different about being back in the pool, long distances seem shorter.  A half-mile used to seem pretty far before, but today it felt like a warm-up.  I bet by Saturday I could swim a mile, no problem.  It's great to realize your in better shape then you thought (especially because it almost always goes the other way!)

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