Saturday, September 10, 2011

What a difference a week makes

I didn't get to my workout until it was dark, but the weather was nice and cool and the moon was out...

...which really reminded me of when I would do night runs back in high school.  On Monday I started off the week with a Nike Training Club workout, and tonight I ended the week with another one; but it's amazing how much can change in six days.

Tonight just felt...easy.  I was barely breathing hard, and when the breaks came in the workout, I was surprised rather than relieved.  Maybe this workout was actually easier, but I think it was what happened between Monday and today that did it.  I did two long swims, one a half-mile and the other 3/4, and although neither was high intensity, they were long enough to make some serious aerobic gains.  What has been one of the hardest things about these NTC workouts is how strong your lungs need to be, because you go hard almost non-stop for a half an hour or more.  But these swims have opened up my lung capacity and now that's no longer what is holding me back.

That's great news, because NTC is really for building muscle, so now that my heart is up to scratch I can do some more intense workouts without getting burned out halfway through.  I'm still trying to figure out where to fit in my back-extensions, maybe I will just do them every morning when I wake up so I don't forget.  Or I'll fold them into these NTC sessions by replacing a couple of the exercises with my supermans and cobra poses.

P.S.  Tonight the workout started with a two minute jog which I usually skip, but I was feeling good so I decided to test the waters and do it- I still felt a little heavy (I've been stuck at 130 lbs the past week or two) but I also felt strong, like I was more in control of my form.  It's still too soon to hit the roads, but it's a good indicator.

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