Monday, September 5, 2011

Great morning workout

Happy Labor Day everyone!  I still don't know what this holiday is really about, but I'll take it.  And the way I started it off was by doing a nice long workout after breakfast.  I never workout in the morning-except today.  Last week was my rest week, so I was itching to get back out and hit it hard and I couldn't wait until tonight.  I did some quick back extensions, a fast 20 minute walk, then "Sweat + Shape" in the Nike Training Club iPhone app.  It was 30 minutes of body-weight resistance training, and it was tough.

But not as tough as I was expecting.  I used to do these workouts a couple times a week at the beginning of the summer, but as my back deteriorated I stopped doing them.  I'd been doing physical therapy for the last month, and those exercises were getting pretty easy so I felt like I was ready to move up to something more difficult.  But when I started doing NTC in the spring they killed me at first, so I was expecting the same thing this time around.  However, today wasn't so bad-it was hard, but not pushing me clear to the edge.  I give the credit to PT: it was all lower back and abdominal work, so after a month of that my core seems to have really tightened up.  I used to start shaking during the burpee's late in this workout, but now they were easy.  This whole thing has really made me a believer in the importance of strengthening the core; if having that part strong makes other workouts feel this good, then sign me up!

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  1. The core workout I feel are useful to me are the treadmill and stairmaster. I’m interested in losing the pot-belly, not getting six-pack abs.