Tuesday, September 13, 2011

sleep deprived

I love sleep.  And because of my migraines I have to go to bed and wake up at the same time every day, so I almost always get a full nights sleep every night.  Except last night.  I don't know what happened, because I had a full day at school followed by a 1-mile swim, so I should have been collapsing into my pillow.  But I kept waking up feeling completely wired, and I couldn't figure out what to do to relax.  I ended up sleeping in until 11, but I still feel groggy.  Today will not be a banner day.

So I'm scaling back my expectations for this rotation of the earth, because if I try to go full-bore on such little sleep I'm sure I'll be disappointed.  I've already decided what homework I will do (just the reading for my french literature class and a few pages in my quantum mechanics book) but I'm not sure about my workout.  I've tried doing long, hard workouts on days when I'm sleep deprived, and it's usually a letdown: everything is three times harder than it should be, and usually I can't hit my target intensities no matter how much I try.

As you may remember, I had decided to workout every day this week, so I hate to renege on a commitment.  But if the workout isn't going to do what it was supposed to do, then is it really a loss if you skip it?  What I'm probably going to do is just my back stretches and extensions and call it a day, but I'd like to do more if I'm feeling up to it.  What do you guys think?  Cut intensity, cut volume, cut everything, or just push through the full workout?  Feel free to leave something in the comments, I'll definitely read it.

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