Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Only 74 more years to go...

I had my follow-up appointment with my surgeon today, and this was an actual excerpt from the conversation:

Me: (referring to my physical therapy) So how long should I keep doing these workouts...forever?

Dr. Bacon: No, just until your 100.

Me: Oh, so then I can take it easy?

Dr. Bacon: Yeah.

It sounded pretty funny coming from my doc.  Bacon is this big, lumbering guy who probably looks older than he is because of a pot belly and a bad comb-over.  But he has this weird energy where he walks and talks really fast, like a kid.  The combination is a little bizarre, but I like him because he's really smart and he tells it like it is.

Overall the appointment was good.  Physical therapy has done wonders this last month, because I've been almost pain free the entire time.  The only hiccup was a little sciatica that cropped up yesterday when I woke up, but the doctor thought it would probably go away as soon as it came.

Ironically my back injury is one of the things that has committed me so completely to exercise.  With my condition I have two options.  One, I could do just enough exercise to keep my back from falling apart, which would be the same boring workouts every day from now until 2085.  Or two, I could try to move past that, try to push forward into new exercises and new sports.  I'd gotten hooked on endurance sports long before the injury, so option two seems way better.  Those who know me know I'm a pretty all or nothing kind of guy-so I'm gonna go all in and see what happens.

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