Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Block 1 Week 4

Here were my workouts for last week.

Monday: 35 minutes of long, slow swimming.  Got one on one feedback from my coach, told me that my shoulders needed to rotate up out of the water rather than forward.  Very helpful.

Tuesday: 30 minutes of yoga.  Incredible flexibility, especially in the forward bends.  4 minutes of running.

Wednesday: 35 minutes of swimming, medium pace.  Included a 500 yd time trial, which I did in 10:12.  I could have gone faster, by my splits were even.

Thursday: 20 minutes of yoga, 4 minutes of running.  Beginning to feel sick.

Friday: Very sick, looks like bronchitis again.  No workouts.

Saturday: Sick.

Sunday: Sick.

This was my rest week, so I took it easy.  No high intensity workouts.  Sicknesses cut it short, but I've learned not to fight lower respiratory infections.

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